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Monthly Food Journal

Request Date:

07/05/2016 08:25pm

Deadline (Eastern Time):

12/31/2017 08:14pm

Category of Expertise:

My name is Debbie Champagne and I would love to take a minute to invite you to be a part of my new Deb's Food Journal that I will be featuring on my blog. This Food Journal Post I will be featuring some great food products from some great companies. Here is the link for the introduction page, so you can read more about it. This is the link for the page:
As you know everyone loves food and would love to know about it. That is why I am very excited for us to work together on this great opportunity. Now I would like to tell you about my blog. Most of my readers are from the United States and the age of my readers vary from teens to seniors. My Site has 1,200 monthly unique page views. I currently have 832 Facebook Followers, 803 twitter Followers. I am ranked 34,619 in Alexa ratings for my site and I have 483 sites linking into my blog. I also take pride in posting honest and detailed reviews for my readers. I have worked with some very big companies such as Gazelle, Petco, Hammacher, SmartSilk and much more. Now it is our turn to work together and to achieve the goal of getting you more sales and share the information on my blog for all my readers. This post will be an ongoing post. I am hoping to hear back from you so we can start creating the post for your product.

I am including a few of my links I created for this topic.

Thank you,
Debbie Champagne


Food, Snacks, Healthy, eating, calories, nutrition

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