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Blogger seeking items for review for Holiday Guide

Request Date:

09/24/2013 03:03pm

Deadline (Eastern Time):

09/24/2025 03:03pm

Category of Expertise:

My name is Samantha Christensen and I am the owner of the blog Mama C's Secrets 2 savings.I have recently began to include reviews of products on my site. It is a great way to introduce my fans to different products and can also hopefully drum up more fans and even potential customers for the companies I review for. My readers are mainly women ages 20-50 and most are also mothers. I am looking for products that fit in with that group of people. I am currently accepting items to be included in my holiday gift guide. While trying out the actual item would be ideal to the review process I also am willing to post about a product as a paid post.


kids, toys, gifts, christmas, holidays,

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