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Star Tribune Seeks Thoughtful Questions for Expert Advice Column



Request Date:

10/23/2013 04:48pm

Deadline (Eastern Time):

10/23/2025 04:48pm

Category of Expertise:

Business & Finance
The Minneapolis Star Tribune’s weekly business column “Outside Consultant” is looking for entrepreneurs and small business owners who have questions that require expert advice. Professors from the University of St. Thomas Opus College of Business answer short questions regarding small businesses and entrepreneurship every Monday. Past topics include: hiring, employee relations, work/life balance, marketing, business ethics, HR, real estate, business law, leadership, etc. Please submit a creative 1-3 sentence question if you think you might benefit from this column. You will get free expert advice and you will also get to see your name and your company's name printed in a reputable newspaper with nearly 300,000 readers and featured on the Star Tribune website.


business, advice, finance, entrepreneur, business law, management, marketing

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