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Spring/Summer Time Fun for Toddlers

Request Date:

03/16/2017 02:34pm

Deadline (Eastern Time):

07/31/2017 02:30pm

Category of Expertise:

Hi There!
Thank you for taking time to read my request. My name is Sandra, I am the Grama and Blogger behind Modern Day Gramma, a family lifestyle and product review blog with a social media reach of about 22,000. The blog has more about 1,000 unique monthly visitors and complies with the FTC blogger guidelines. There are no fees to feature a product, but we do require the product to review.
With Spring just arriving and Summer around the corner, I am doing a Spring/Summer time fun guide.

I am in search of anyting a toddler would love to play with outside. Ex: Swing, Slide, Pool and/or Water play, sand play, ride on toys, along with other activities such as bubbles, picnic table/accessories etc.
Although not a requirement to be in gift guide, I do suggest including a giveaway, however I do not ship giveaway prizes, that is the company's responsibility.In exchage for review products you will receive:a featured blog posts.#toddlerfuntime and #toddlerplaytime hashtags in the header of the feature.Shoutout posts on our Social Media Pages: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
FTC Rules will be followedThank you for your consideration and your time.I look forward to hearing from you soonBest,Sandra


Summer Activity, Toddler Summer, Product Reviews, Summer Fun, Outdoor Fun

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