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Orlando Resort Coverage Available. Accommodation Request.

Request Date:

05/12/2017 12:10am

Deadline (Eastern Time):

05/26/2017 12:09am

Category of Expertise:

Recreation & Travel
Greetings, I am reaching out on behalf of my website Mommy Needs a Bottle, as we are working diligently to get lots of Florida travel on our website for our readers and flood our social media with amazing photos. I am currently booked to be at a huge blog conference June 21 to 25 in Orlando, and instead of staying at the resort the conference is to be held at, I would love the opportunity to feature a different full-service style resort (we would still tag the conference to offer that double exposure to you).

We receive over 21,000 unique visitors a month and have over 40,000 social media followers that are very active with us. Of course, all those numbers are growing daily. As the trip would include my husband and son joining me on the 23rd, we would have the family aspect of why you can vacation at a resort with no need to leave for theme parks. I would be more than happy, if accommodations permit, to also feature any other amenities on site or dining if included as well. We got an amazing response to just posting travel on social media the past year and now want to include it on our website for longevity.

Time is of the essence due to the event being just over a month away. As well as my editorial review and features, my toddler would also take his own photos for a new series I am working on based on travel through a toddler's eyes. If amenities or dining are also offered, they would get their own separate features on social media as well as the website. We typically post live on social media while on location as well as after, then the website about two weeks after our trip. I look forward to seeing if we can work together on this fun editorial lineup. The blog complies with FTC guidelines and receives 22,585 unique visitors per month. There are no fees to feature a product.


travel, hotel, resort, vacation, family

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