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Can you contribute a chapter to a new book? Seeking 100 Mompreneurs!


Identity Management

Request Date:

05/12/2017 06:40pm

Deadline (Eastern Time):

08/01/2017 05:00pm

Category of Expertise:

Business & Finance
Can you contribute a chapter to a new book? Seeking 100 Mompreneur co-authors for new book, A Girl’s Guide to Business, Career, Goals, Life & Family. Topics will include:

Speaking with authority

Negotiating your worth at work

Assertiveness vs. aggressiveness

Building authentic, “unmasked” relationships

Embracing the feminine self

Breaking stereotypes

How to play ball in the boy's club

Breaking the concrete ceiling without a hammer

The collective power of women

How to position yourself in the political arena

Standing strong for your values

Strategies for powerful female leadership

Understanding male-female dynamics and communication styles

Bringing enlightened males onto the pro-female team

The importance of mentoring young women

How to build self-confidence and self-worth

The power of collaboration and team work Guidelines to boardroom gender inclusion Overcoming gossip and 'crab in the barrel' syndrome

Traveling internationally and embracing cultural differences

And more!

Are you ready to contribute to this powerful book? Contact identity management, LLC at to schedule an interview before May 26th.


authors, mompreneurs, entrepreneurs, business women, writers

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