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Robert Allyn

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Robert Allyn became Gordon Solie's son-in-law in 1971 when he wed Pamela Sjoblom. For the next thirty years, he was active in outside sales and sales management.
Along the way, he served for ten years on community athletic boards and coached youth soccer for 18 years.
In 2005, Robert and Pamela Allyn wrote the Florida Best Seller, “Gordon Solie: Something Left Behind,” a scrapbook format featuring writings by Gordon Solie accompanied by over 150 photographs related to Gordon Solie.
This rekindled Robert's interest in writing which started when he was sports editor for his high school paper. It also generated TV appearances in Tampa along with numerous radio interviews, an appearance at the St. Petersburg Times Reading Festival and the Tampa WrestleReunion (72 pro wrestling stars on hand. Since then, Robert has attended events such as the National Wrestling Alliance 60th Anniversary (Atlanta), Wrestlemania XXIV (Orlando), and Legendsmania (Atlanta).
After the release of “The Solie Chronicles” in 2009, Robert has been interviewed over 40 times in print and radio including ESPN Radio, the Captain's America Show, the Miami Herald and a syndicated book review on Scripps Howard News Service.
In 2011, Robert released “Writings by Gordon Solie,” personal memoirs from Gordon Solie in an eBook for Amazon Kindle Readers.
Robert currently writes a weekly feature for 1wrestling.com, one of America’s top internet pro-wrestling websites.


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