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Gary Bahadur

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kraa security

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Gary Bahadur, CEO KRAA Security
Gary is the founder of KRAA Security with over 15 years experience in the information security and technology industry. KRAA Security was founded in 2007 to address the security needs of companies in all industries through a combination of Managed Security Services and Consulting Services. KRAA Security protects organizations from threats through a combination of preventative services in Application Security, Network Security, Operating System Security and Compliance measures.
Mr. Bahadur was the cofounder and CIO of Foundstone Inc a $20M security vulnerability risk management firm with offices in the United States, Singapore and India. He conducted business development, corporate strategy development, client management, information systems development, consultant management, public speaking engagements and conducted security consulting engagements for Fortune 100 companies. Foundstone was sold to McAfee in 2004.
As a Senior Vice President of Bank of America, Mr. Bahadur redesigned the Global Threat Management Lifecycle strategy and Risk Forecasting strategy and was a catalyst for delivering risk mitigation strategies and solutions. Mr. Bahadur was also the President and cofounder of Ether2 Corporation managing business development, client acquisition, marketing, fund raising and the strategic direction and a Manager at Ernst & Young and Senior Consultant at Price Waterhouse, where he developed security practices, practice aids, work programs and education classes.

“Privacy Defended: Protecting Yourself Online”, Que Publishing
“Windows XP Professional Security”, Osborne McGraw-Hill
“Securing the Click” fourth coming Q2 2011, McGraw-Hill
Speaking Engagements:
1. University of Miami Global Business Forum, January 2011
2. Institute of Internal Auditors, “Social Media Security”, January 2011
3. HackerHalted Conference, Miami, October 2010, “Social Media Security”
4. DAMA South Florida, Miami, October 2010, “Data Lifecycle Management”
5. Institute of Internal Auditors, “Security Trends of 2011”, September 2010
6. Vanguard Security Conference, April 2010 “A Day In the Life of a Customer Record”
7. Florida Bankers Association, October 2009, “Industry Trends in Information Security”
8. Hacker Halted Conference, September 2009 “Supplier Risk Assessments”
9. Florida OWASP, December 2009, “Supplier Risk Assessments”
10. Vanguard Security Conference 2009, “Supplier Risk Management”
11. MIS Institute “Windows XP Professional Security”
12. Miami Shores Chamber of Commerce “Protecting your Child on the Internet”
13. Institute of Internal Auditors “5 Myths about Data Loss Prevention”
14. Illinois CPA Society "Practical Roadblocks to Secure E-Commerce"

1. Silicon India Magazine “What is Social Media INSecurity?”
2. In Focus Magazine, “Business Survival Through Information Security”
3. SysAdmin Magazine: "Security Diagnostic Review of Solaris 2.x"
4. SysAdmin Magazine: "Securing Your Web Server"
5. SysAdmin Magazine: "Freeware Web Security Scanners"
6. SysAdmin Magazine: "Freeware Security Scanner"
7. Login Magazine "Network Policy Enforcement"
8. Information Security Magazine "Apache Security"
9. Information Security Magazine "Personal Firewalls” – Cover story
10. Under Fire "Devx.Com" Black Hat Briefings 2001: Enabling Better Security or Better Hackers?"
1. Silicon India Magazine's si100 Annual Listing 2010
2. Finalist Abacus Awards, Cool Tech, TechAmerica
3. Finalist Business Leader Magazine Florida Entrepreneur of the Year 2009
4. South Florida Business Journal 2008 Technology Awards, Finalist CEO
5. Foundstone Named Finalist in Prestigious 2004 American Business Awards
6. Foundstone Named Computerworld Honors Finalist
Media Mentions
1. Mint.com “How Companies Manipulate Negative Reviews: 5 Secrets Consumers Should Know” 11/5/10
2. Processor Magazine “Getting A Handle On Data Loss” 10/23/10
3. Credit Union Times “TMI? Facebook, LinkedIn Cited as Sites


social media and hacking

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