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Diane Carter

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Diane Carter Speaking

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Diane Carter Author and Professional Speaker Bio
Born in London in 1946. Diane emigrated with her family to the then country of Rhodesia at the age of ten. Schooled at Lord Malvern and taught at the Teachers’ College, Bulawayo, she spent almost all her professional life in education, ending up as Deputy Head at Hillcrest Preparatory School, Mutare and then as Head of Mvurachena School in Chipinge in Zimbabwe.
She looks at herself as a survivor and thriver. She has led an exciting and varied life on four continents, experiencing many adventures that others would find extremely daunting. She has canoed on the Zambesi River, been on Safari in Africa, crossed the Tanami Desert, raced saloon cars, climbed glaciers, was an instructor at Outward Bound, swum with dolphins, been deep sea diving, climbed the Chimanimani Mountains, arrested in Mexico, married and brought up two children.
Over the last few years, she has survived a wild animal attack and the subsequent operations to put her back together again, has lived with tyrannical persecution within the oppressive Zimbabwean regime, coping with political harassment, brutality and bullying by Mugabe’s henchmen. She followed her heart and ‘eloped’ with her first love, whom she hadn’t seen for over forty years. She handled the deaths of her first husband, elder daughter and mother, all within a few weeks of each other, with fortitude.
Diane puts her indomitable spirit down to her very positive attitude, and since her retirement from her position as school principal of a Private School in Zimbabwe, at the end of 2006, has tried to spread the message of Mindset Energy, the power of positive thinking and positive attitude, to anyone and everyone she can reach. She believes that you can be and do anything you want to, if you really want it badly enough. You just have to have the right Mindset Energy.
Diane is now a professional speaker, a speaker with a difference. Using real-life stories, Diane weaves her message, engaging and entertaining her audiences.
Showing you how to use –
Mindset Energy - the attitude to propel your life and your business forward!
Diane will illustrate:
how to use your mindset energy to work positively;
how to focus on solutions;
how to make the most of any situation; and
that attitude is the essence for ultimate success.
Contact Diane at
email diane@dianecarter.com.au
A percentage of profits from the sale of this book will be donated to Cancer Research .


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