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David Schropfer

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Accounting/Finance, Authors, Business & Finance, Business Performance, Personal Finance, Technology


Author: The SmartPhone Wallet & Partner @ TLG

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David W. Schropfer is the Author of the new book, “The Smartphone Wallet- Understanding the Disruption Ahead,” which is the first book on this topic written for consumers. The book explains that the multi-trillion dollar worldwide payments industry is being challenged, and huge companies have already lined up on a marketing battlefield to claim their stake. In the middle are consumers, and the first casualty may be consumer privacy, regardless of which side wins.

Mr. Schropfer is an international business leader with almost two decades of management experience ranging from telecommunications to payment systems. Since co-founding the Luciano Group – a leading international consulting firm - in 2005, he has been responsible for strategic development and negotiation for the firm and its clients in the areas of mobile payments, partnership agreements, and interconnections.

Prior to founding The Luciano Group, Mr. Schropfer was Senior Vice President with IDT Telecom, and head of International Business. In this role, Mr. Schropfer created over six million new EBIT dollars annually by building wholesale voice/data interconnections, prepaid Visa debit card programs and prepaid calling card programs with mobile carriers, fixed line carriers, Second National Operators and other partners.

Growing experienced teams and negotiating partnerships has helped Mr. Schropfer grow businesses in other positions, including his CEO role at SoftZoo.com, where he built his C-level team, recruited a top-flight Board, and raised millions of dollars of investment capital. Earlier, Mr. Schropfer was the Business Development Officer for the MVNO division of Capital One. In this role, Mr. Schropfer was responsible for applying Capital One’ credit card business model to the mobile resale business. He established partner relationships, designed and negotiated partnership agreements, developed complex business models and effectively lowed the cost structure.

Since graduating Boston College, Mr. Schropfer earned an Executive MBA from the University of Miami. He is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and trade shows, and participates in expert panels around the world. He lives in New Jersey with his wife and children.


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