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Arizona Osteopathic Medical Association AOMA

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The mission of the Arizona Osteopathic Medical Association (AOMA) is to promote the osteopathic medical profession, serve our members, provide osteopathic continuing medical education, and advocate for access to healthcare. AOMA is a primary sponsor of the annual Team of Physicians for Students (TOPS) which provides up to 4000 free physicals for high school athletes annually, including EKG's. More than 500 physicians and another 500 students and volunteers work together to provide this free program for the Greater Phoenix community the past 15 years.

AOMA has 900 members. AOMA is an AOA Continuing Medical Education sponsor that offers more than 50 hours of category 1-A CME credits per year at the Fall Seminar and the Annual Convention.

AOMA, Representing Arizona D.O.’s for 80 Years. Our public relations program presents the story of osteopathic medicine to the people of Arizona. By communicating with government officials and consumers, we create a better understanding of our profession and improve the professional climate in which we all must practice.


sudden cardiac death in teen athletes

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