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George Hopkins

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Animals & Pets, Business & Finance, Business Performance, Careers, Environment, Health & Fitness, Medical/Health professional, Non-Profit, Personal/Business Coaching


e GlobalCommunity Development

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Global Green Strategies, Operations & the Power of Team Players.
G.I Hopkins is considered a leader in global Green consultation in operations and strategy. A review : e Global Community Development, power teams & international business expansion plans utilizing Green sustainable source point operations and strategies for success. Amero subsidiaries are based in Silicon Valley, Ca. USA.
2011 projects: developing and implementing next-generation advertising products in e commerce to the bottom of the consumer pyramid, defining strategies to optimize “village” data center technology by cell commerce* and operations, and establishing business initiatives for emerging cultural markets. “Cell commerce”, which connects buyers to customers B2C and B2B, allowing debit card loading of funds anywhere in the world. e Global Community Development is pioneering a JV with Group leaders of Millions in the Philippines , Viet Nam later in 2011.

We Identify/evaluate Green opportunities & work with your teams to develop insightful recommendations on strategic directions and specific project opportunities that can move any corporate eco systems needle in the green space direction.
G.I. Hopkins began his environmental interests as a Boy Scout recycling newspapers in the early 1960’s, Next, a sportsman’s club raising money for trips, collecting newspapers and soda bottles. Introduced to a Network marketing system and bio degradable products, he became hooked on network marketing and the positive impact they were making on our planet. In college he remembers a group burying a car & protests against the oil companies where the riot squads were called in. A bloody mess he will never forget. He followed his passion to become a teacher in Industrial arts/technology winning several awards from Bank of America, Kiwanis, Rotary, & Industrial Arts Association becoming one of Ca youngest tool and die makers and getting a CA Vocational teaching Credential (1of2) in Industrials Technologies. He applied his talents as a manufacturing business consultant with a love for quality control analysis. The opportunity to switch careers to horticulture was followed by a second CA. Vocational Teaching credential in Landscaping/horticulture. In the 70’s he set up one of CA. early green waste recycling projects, lectured to Garden Writers at UC CA Poly on high yield agriculture and aquaculture, started a garden center and entered into contracting to develop real estate as a family business as a General Building, Engineering & landscape water distribution contractor.
That lead to 30 years in construction & defect litigation, working on environmental research in solar energy, tire & glass recycling, source point sewer treatment & projects with associates throughout the world from Government green waste recycling, oil clean ups, gas tank remediation’s, agricultural waste remediation’s & animal waste remediation in the millions of tons. He has since spoke on “How the Environment Effects Our Health” on over 1500 radio stations in 23 countries and produced over 350 TV shows on Emergency Preparedness & Health, Safety and Green. He has 520 websites to train & teach those interested in how to make a difference & earn a living cleaning up the environment.

Partial listings GREEN past & present credential
Industrial Technology: California Vocational Teaching Credential #303364

California General Building Contractor License #344992
California General Engineering Contractor License #344992
CCI Certified Construction Inspector #4062
California Vocational Teaching Credential Landscaping Horticulture # 367881
California Landscaping Contractor License #344992
California Department Food and Agriculture License #42965 (ABCDEFH&I) A- Residential, Industrial & Institutional, B- Landscape Maintenance, C- Right of Way-highways, D- Plant Agriculture, E- Forest F- Aquatic, H- Seed Treatment, I- Animal Agriculture California Registered Environmental Assessor I REA I-06515
CES Certified Environmental Specialist


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