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Ray Clements

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Authors, Love & Relationships, Mental Health/Psychology, Religion/Spirituality

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Growing up in rural New Hampshire, I was fortunate to attend the cultural melting pot of Boston University in the early 70's.

As president of the senior class I graduated with both a major in Business Administration and a concentration in Philosophy/Religious Studies.

Since graduation I have spent over 30 years trying to balance corporate success with the “summer of love”; tempering capitalism with peace, love, and understanding. To that end I offer my new novel, “Zor”.

"Zor" explores the relationship between philosophy, spirituality, and science by asking one simple question; where do you turn when life's core beliefs become suspect?

That is the dilemma confronting Jonathan Brewster, a middle aged money manager from Boston, whose "chance" meeting with a Haitian dwarf named Zor, spirals out of control. Forced to defend his life in a series of intense debates concerning negative ch'i, emotional addictions, neuron networks, placebos, vipassana meditation, the collective unconscious, laws of attraction, sub-atomic entanglement, Nietzche, metta, God, and happiness; John is reluctantly drawn to a new reality.

Rising above his crisis of conscience he restructures his life for the greater good, only to be challenged by the ultimate betrayal.

Currently living seaside, in a picturesque New England community with my wife and son, I am convinced the movement that captured our nation in the late 60's is still very much alive.
Zor says it best, “No one can save the world, but anyone can change it. Let’s change the world together.”


accessing positive energy, emotional addictions, restructuring our neuron network, the collective unconscious, laws of attraction, quantum entanglement

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