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Jill Starishevsky

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Safety Star Media

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Jill Starishevsky is a mother of three and a prosecutor of child abuse and sex crimes in New York City. During the course of her decade of public service, she has successfully prosecuted hundreds of offenders. In October 2006, Jill launched HowsMyNanny.com to support parents and their children. She has been featured on numerous major news networks, print media and cable outlets. HowsMyNanny.com is the first online nanny reporting service that works to keep children safe by enabling parents to receive positive or negative feedback on their child�s caregiver via a license plate attached to the child�s stroller. Jill has also written an important children�s book, �My Body Belongs to Me�, intended to prevent child sexual abuse by teaching children that their bodies are their own. Written for children three to ten, the overriding message is if someone touches you inappropriately, tell a parent or teacher right away. Outside the courtroom, Jill's fondness for writing led her to create http://www.thepoemlady.com, where she pens personalized pieces for all occasions.


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