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Samantha Karlin

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Love & Relationships


The Dating Diva

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Ms. Karlin is a nationally syndicated dating columnist and coach. She started in the "love" field as the creative director for America's top matchmaker, meeting regularly with the richest love-starved people of America. She then moved onto an Executive Position at Meezoog.com, penning the popular "Dating Diva" blog, and consulting on all aspects of the site. Ms. Karlin then moved on to start her own coaching business, where she works with men and women in private trainings and workshops. People also seek out her advice at allexperts.com, where she specializes in "How to Attract the Woman of Your Dreams."

Ms. Karlin is a member of the American Psychological Association and the International Dating Association. She is currently engaged in the Leadership program at the Choice Center Leadership University.

Ms. Karlin has been published in Forbes, Fox Business, YahooNews, the Seattle Herald, and beyond. She is frequently sought out by media outlets for her expert counsel.


dating, online dating

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