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Anaiya Aon Prakasha

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Pilgrimage of Love

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Womb Wisdom: The New Evolution
What are the Forgotten and Creative Powers of the Feminine?

What is Womb Wisdom?
Womb Wisdom is a feminine expression and richly felt longing, that is not a part-time practice, but a way of being that is powerfully re-surfacing at this time across the planet. Many would call this the celebratory resurrection of the Divine Feminine. Felt powerfully within women as the true desire to reconnect with the Earth and nature in a new way, sensing this personal call to return to our place within the Divine feminine soul (pulse of life) of our known world.

Another aspect of Womb Wisdom that I share is how to take this journey alone, or within partnership. You could say that I am in celebratory service of the Divine Feminine, and the awakening of her forgotten creative powers within each and every woman.

What are the hallmarks of Feminine Energy?
Feminine energy is called Shakti, a Sanskrit word that translates as Life Force, essential vitality, passion, aliveness and ‘juice’. We have to remember that Shakti in essence is creative and destructive, meaning that she creates and destroys. She brings birth and death to the dance of life, and everything else in between.
Classical feminine qualities are Love, beauty, sexuality, creativity, passion, deep knowing, expression, sensitivity, emotionality, connectivity, imagination, profound insight, kindness and compassion.

What does womb work do?
Womb work is the returning journey back to the womb in a conscious way. It is not a practice (although at first it is), it is rather a way of life and a way of being. This work will reconnect a woman to her true source of being. Not only by healing her relationship to her body, sexuality, and creativity, but healing any wounds incurred by both genders, personally and within the collective psyche. This work’s intention is to restore rightful balance within and without. Committed to bringing back the abundance of feminine energy, and co-creating with the masculine in a harmonized and balanced way. This work is full of physical, emotional, sexual, and spiritual experiences to be harvested and delved into. It’s rich with more deeper and meaningful ways of relating to others and all energies of this plant and cosmos. Through the body, known as “embodiment”, all these new experiences can be tangibly felt and this brings tremendous reward to the feminine, who remembers that it is through feelings and sensations that she can navigate through this world.

How does it feel for a woman to have her womb open?
Relaxing, authentic, restful, truthful and belonging are a couple of words that spring to heart. Coming home is another phrase that I use. There is a resting place that can be relied upon and a tremendous sense of courage that can be depended upon in times of challenge. Becoming womb based strengthens a woman’s natural longing for her world to become more relationship based as she remembers how intrinsically essential it is for her to fall into the flow of the cycles and rhythms of nature. The natural world and material world become balanced and harmonious. The stress and competition of the masculine market place falls away. Her vitality becomes nurtured through nature and the pulse of life that is strongly felt there.
A woman centered in her womb can draw support and inspiration from this pulse of life and the sacred temples found within nature. She inherently ‘knows’ how to do this; her womb voice will whisper the way to connect and to commune.
Her sense of self becomes anchored, allowing her to be able to open up to her emotional nature, as the fear of becoming hurt will be markedly less. She becomes her temple, and her love. Through the open womb, her own sacred marriage is proposed. Her inner masculine naturally arises to be acknowledged and felt. The process of Sacred Union begins, as the opening into the 5th gate demands it. The vastness of the womb will not open without the reverence and recognition of the inner masculine. The 5th gate of the womb


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