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Dr Bobby Love

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Bobby O’Neal aka Dr. Love, is a natural expert on love and relationships, and the creator of the hot new relationship game “Syncrohearts”. He was inspired to create this love game to help rescue his own marriage. Like a lot of modern day couples, he and his wife led busy work and family lifestyles; their relationship was faltering and they were slowly drifting apart. Instead of giving up on his marriage, Bobby spent two years researching and developing a fun board game for couples, which creates lots of love, laughter, intimate communication and romance. Now his 30 year relationship gets the attention it deserves and Dr Bobby Love and Syncrohearts are opening hearts around the world .

Bobby emphasizes that Syncrohearts is not a sex game, it is much more-it is a love game; intimate lovemaking is just one of the benefits of playing together! The objective of the game is to help couples reconnect and spend more quality time together. In the trials of juggling careers, parenting, life in general…couples tend to forget to take time out together just for themselves. Syncrohearts is like a relationship tune-up and it helps couples get more mileage out of their relationship by opening up the lines of communication with love, laughter and romance.

Dr. Love is an international speaker and author on the topic of love. He has been featured in national print, radio and television media. He twice earned the opportunity to try and slay the “Dragons” with love on the CBC Dragons Den, a reality program in Canada similar to the US Shark Tank. He recently won the 2011 Best Brilliant Idea for Humanity Contest.

Bobby will inspire your audience with his love journey. His sense of humor and practical insights about love and relationships will entertain your listeners! He will have your female listeners tuning in for more and your male listeners asking for more. He might be convinced to provide some Syncrohearts games for prizes. Bobby contributes partial proceeds to a very worthwhile charity, the Zajac Ranch for kids with special needs. Bobby lives near Vancouver, BC, Canada. He and his wife recently celebrated their 30th first date anniversary and he credits his love game, Syncrohearts for reaching this milestone!

His forthcoming book, due to be released in February 2012 will help open the hearts of men; "Dr Love's prescription for a Romantic Loving Man" - "It's not the little blue pill"
This love book will be a comical story about my transition from a forestry guy to a “Dr. Love in training”. I wrote this book to help the average guy get off the couch, open his heart and realize his true potential as a romantic loving man. We need the love and support of all the women in our lives. This love book will be insightful for women to help men open our hearts and expose our loving souls. It is time to break the bad habits from older generations and give hope to new generations. This love book is a tribute to my dad and a message of hope for my son

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