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Chelsea Hanson

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Arts, Crafts & Writing, Authors, Book Writing & Publishing , Gifts, Mental Health/Psychology, Personal/Business Coaching, Religion/Spirituality


With Sympathy Gifts and Keepsakes

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Chelsea Hanson is a nationally recognized grief educator, creator of the Loss to Legacy MethodTM, author of six gift books and founder of With Sympathy Gifts and Keepsakes (http://www.withsympathygifts.com), which is an online memorial gift store and grief support center. Chelsea’s published books, grief support programs and online store have been used by more than 700 funeral homes across the United States and Canada.

Chelsea has more than 15 years of experience guiding people through the transformation process of grief to live a satisfying, purpose-driven life again, using her signature system, the Loss to Legacy MethodTM. This step-by-step process takes you on a path from deep grief to insightful healing. The must-know stages to move beyond sorrow in this method are:

Step 1: Loss - Understanding and Releasing Grief
Step 2: Lessons – Redefining Expectations and Breaking Myths
Step 3: Leadership - Fostering a Support System
Step 4: Life Stories - Creatively Cherishing and Honoring Memories
Step 5: Live - Discovering Meaning and Purpose from Loss
Step 6: Love – Developing Ongoing Spiritual Connection
Step 7: Legacy - Living a Fulfilled and Joyful Life Now

Learn more about this highly unique process to transform and heal grief at https://www.chelseahanson.com

As a survivor of the sudden death of her parents, Chelsea found her true purpose in grief support and legacy work and earned certifications in holistic psychotherapy and life legacy preservation. By connecting her previous business education, entrepreneurial expertise, true calling and life experience, today she is an entrepreneur and coach who specializes in grief products and programs to help clients transform personal setbacks into opportunities to live a meaningful life in memory of those they love. If you too, would like to make your life and work matter, visit https://www.chelseahanson.com


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