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Sylvia Fernandes

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Business & Finance

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Sylvia Fernandes is a qualified Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Trainer who has trained with the co-founders of NLP. She started her Behavior Change business in Sydney in 2002 specializing in organizational applications.

Sylvia has extensive experience working with executives at all levels to help them progress their career and work objectives. She provides tools for employees to tap into their full potential.

She is renowned for her ability to align business strategy with employee development and achieve the organization’s goals. She understands corporate needs and cross-cultural issues having worked in large organizations across the Asia Pacific Region.

Sylvia started her career as a commercial banker, transitioned through the IT industry and is now a change agent. She has an extensive blue chip client list and is currently based in Singapore.

Sylvia recently authored a book called “Bye Bye Black Cat – Turn Your Luck Around to Realize Opportunities” The book provides a road map on how to get rid of bad luck in life and make fundamental changes quickly in order to achieve full potential. Written with the express intention of opening the minds of people in organizations to living life with purpose, the fictional book is a light read with an analysis of each chapter at the end. It is due to be launched in October.

Would you like to create effective people in your company? Find out more by emailing us on info@viafrontiers.com or checking out www.viafrontiers.com. Feel free to call us on +65 6656 8786.


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