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Ann-Christine Roope

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Business & Finance, Business Performance, Communication, Development, Personal/Business Coaching, Public Relations, Technology


Ethan Partners

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Who we are:
Ethan Partners is a global Executive Search company focused on supporting some of the most succesful and selective Internet companies globally with finding high profile talent. We place CxO, VP and Director roles across various geographies, sectors and functions.

What we do:
Ethan Partners is much more than a search company. We are collaboration partners, who understand your business and are able to use our expertise and experience to consult and help solve your main challenges regarding international growth and expansion of your business.

Ethan Partners supports companies to accelerate their business by finding high profile talent that raise the quality, productivity and efficiency of their total workforce, allowing companies to become or stay market leaders. Our selective clients do not simply want to fill a position, they want to hire the best person for the job.

Ethan Partners has a proven track record of building senior management teams for leading companies, global multinationals, hyper-growth stars, and companies transforming themselves through international expansion. With experience in more that 50 countries, over 500 placements per year and a large global network, Ethan Partners is the preferred collaboration partner for ambitious Internet companies who strive for excellence.


Executive search, recruiting

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