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Jean Margaret Walker

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Authors, Business & Finance, Business Performance, Communication, Design, Development, Family, General, Lifestyles, Love & Relationships, Mental Health/Psychology, Parenting, Personal/Business Coaching, Public Relations, Technology


The Regear Group LLC

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Author, mentor, entrepreneur, and all-around tech-chick, Jean Walker has spent the majority of her freelance career ghostwriting and assisting numerous blog writers, non-profits, and small business owners. As advertising platforms started to change, Jean began working more and more on various social media campaigns and even more books for others. This work prompted her to write her very first book, a short read that packs a powerful punch, "You Define Your Own Success: 5 Steps to Living the Life You Never Knew You Wanted... until Now."

She is an empowering spirit who serves as a source of inspiration for women all over the world. Often allowing her readers to follow along as she battles her own weaknesses, Jean continuously proves that she's not just a woman making up stories - she lives what she writes. That's why her readers love her. They identify with her and they admire her openness.

Jean is the Co-founder & Chief Communications Officer (CCO) of The Regear Group LLC. Jean's husband, Tyrrel Walker, is the Co- founder & CEO of The Regear Group LLC.

Jean lives with her husband, their youngest daughter, and their American Shar-pei, Sadie. When she's not sitting with her laptop somewhere working, she enjoys all genres of music, romantic comedies and classic movies, football, and most sitcoms.


author, entrepreneur, founder, marketing, communications, writer

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