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Michele Barrow-Belisle

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Bestselling author and artist Michele Barrow-Belisle is renowned for her fiction and nonfiction writing, sculpting, doll artistry and hosting telesummits. She has authored several how-to books, magazine articles and a nonfiction fairy-sculpting title for Search Press Publishing.

Her debut fiction series FIRE AND ICE (Faerie Song Trilogy) is in development for a major motion picture. The bestselling teen trilogy was released worldwide in paperback, eBook and audiobook formats, and highlights the paranormal saga of a gifted teenage girl who, to save her mother's life, follows her new boyfriend into a dystopian Faery realm, only to discover she’s the dark magic Princess destined to destroy their world, and he’s the Elven Prince destined to destroy her.

Michele’s passions extend beyond her belief in reaching for her dreams. As co-founder of the Passion Telesummits International Speaker Series, she focuses on helping people lead an extraordinary life doing what they love to do and being all they really are.

She has been a featured guest on numerous radio shows and television programs discussing her writing, sculpting and doll design, including several HGTV diy crafting shows and she was invited to appear as a guest on the Dr.Phil show to showcase her lifelike newborn baby doll art. Her original designs have become the masters for several reproduction companies such as The Ashton Drake Galleries and Charisma.

The former organizer of the Collectible Doll Teddy Bear and Miniatures Trade Show, Michele has lent her expertise to many sides of the profession, including teaching workshops to hundreds of participants throughout North America. Interviews with Michele have turned up in publications such as McLean Magazine, Better Homes and Gardens and various local newspapers.

In addition to her long list of accomplishments, she spent several years teaching children, from preschool to middle grade. Michele continues to follow her passions and inspire other to do the same, teaching that you absolutely can create a fabulous and abundant life doing what you love.


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