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angel radcliffe

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Accounting/Finance, Business & Finance, Business Performance, Personal Finance, Personal/Business Coaching



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Angel Radcliffe, MBA is a Public Speaker, Author, Motivator & Entrepreneur. She holds an MBA in finance from Strayer University & has 10+ years in Corporate America in the areas of; Finance, Accounting & Technology. She is the owner of CAS Consultants, a boutique consulting firm in Dallas, TX focusing on ‘Empowering Entrepreneurs Through Financial Management’. A continued advocate of philanthropy, Ms. Radcliffe is always finding a way to give back to the community, she is currently entering into her 8th consecutive year on the Board of Directors for a local non-profit as Finance Chair & is driven towards starting a non-profit in the near future. Ms. Radcliffe is a recipient of the National Financial Educators Award & is dedicated to educating the community on Financial Literacy – Credit & Budget Management for consumers & Small Business Finance.


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