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Ed Gideon

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Business & Finance, Business Performance, Personal/Business Coaching


Breakthroughs forSuccess

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Ed is a successful business owner and valued advisor to CEOs, entrepreneurs and professionals nationwide. He has been part of an ownership team that grew the company’s revenue by 4 times in less than a 5 year period, and later in his own business he doubled the revenue in 4 years. He has managed 300 employees, working 3 shifts, 24/7. He knows the challenges businesses face.
His speaking topics focus on C-Suite Executives providing them with Improved Executive Leadership. They include: Professional use of a story to successfully communicate your message; Effective mentoring and leadership of your team; Successfully managing Change; Decoding the Path to Success.
Ed served as a Vietnam-era Infantry Platoon Leader. He has served as an advisor and aide to General Officers in the Army, and worked on a drilling rig in deep Southwest Texas, the Big Bend country. He has lived in a ghost town, and been a resident of Honolulu, Hawaii. Ed consulted with bank CEOs and S&L CEOs when they were managing the total de-regulation of their industry.
Ed has jumped out of aircraft in the Army’s Airborne & Ranger training, and kept his feet firmly planted while raising 2 boys and helping them achieve Eagle Scout. He played high school football in the same district of Friday Night Lights. He was an all-university intramural champion in football and baseball in college, and Cadet Commander of the Army ROTC Corps of Cadets.
Ed’s speaking engages the audience, he delivers with humor and relevance, and uses stories to set the message. He is a college lecturer and a frequent guest on the Sirius/XM (#142) radio production: A Matter Of Your Health: The 30 Minute Health Magazine.
He is the author of Breakthroughs for Success: Nineteen Examples of Success Achieved by Real People. Success comes in many different forms, both tangible and intangible, but all of them offer ineffable rewards to the person who persevered to get to it. Ed shares nineteen true stories of success achieved by different people and a blueprint on how readers can share the same victories.

EDUCATION: U. of Texas, Austin, May, 1972, BA.; U. of So. California, Dec. 1975 MS-Systems Management.
Other Honors, Awards, Achievements: Army Commendation Medal, 1975
Expert Infantryman’s Badge, Schofield Barracks, Hawaii, Spring 1973
Airborne Qualification, Summer 1972
Commander, Corp of Cadets, University of Texas, Austin Army ROTC 9/71—5/72
Outstanding Cadet Award—Sons of the American Revolution (SAR Sabre) 5/72
Distinguished Military Graduate “ “ “ 5/72
Distinguished Military Student “ “ “ 5/72
Outstanding Company Cadet, Fort Riley, KS, ROTC summer training, August 1971
Outstanding Company Cadet, Fort Knox, KY, ROTC basic training, August 1970


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