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Lee Wilson

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Accounting/Finance, Arts, Crafts & Writing, Authors, Book Writing & Publishing , Business & Finance, Business Performance, Careers, Communication, Family, General, Health & Fitness, Holiday, Lifestyles, Love & Relationships, Non-Profit, Parenting, Personal Finance, Personal/Business Coaching, Public Relations, Recreation & Travel, Science, Sports, Technology


Vertical Leap

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I'm keen to help match businesses, people, and expertise with journalists/stories/websites.

If you have a website and are looking for unique, expert authority content, industry commentary, new insights covering many sectors, or are simply looking for new digital partnerships, let me know.

About me...

I head up the SEO team at Vertical Leap (UK Search and Digital agency) and work with hundreds of brands and businesses spanning many industries.

I'm also a published author (Tactical SEO), and expert contributor to a number of marketing, business, SEO, and digital websites (including State of Digital and Search Engine Journal).


Finance, websites, content, links, brexit, foreign exchange, currency exchange, Business, recreation, Travel, rnBusiness Performance, marketing, Lifestyle, Mental Health, Personal Finance, Authors, Book Writing, Publishing, Careers, general, charity, Holiday, Non-Profit,rnPersonal coaching, Business Coaching, mentor, mentoring, packaging, small business, university, student, students, shipping, packing, expats, relocating, moving abroad, moving overseas, uni, uk universities, b2b, savings, investments, uk saving, furniture, Technology, child savings, 50+, over 50

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