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Ryan Ostrom

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Business & Finance, Business Performance, Development, Technology



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If you’re looking for someone who can speak authoritatively on the principles and best practices that drive successful product development today, Ryan is the perfect fit.

Ryan is a Solutions Architect and Full-Stack Engineer at Praxent. He’s been supporting, architecting, and building applications for more than four years. A devOps enthusiast and change-management expert, Ryan is passionate about turning chaos into order and building effective product teams.

Among other other areas of expertise, Ryan is an authoritative resource on the following topics:

+ DevOps
+ SysOps
+ Change-management
+ Client relationship management
+ Agile development
+ Software development mentoring
+ Front end development
+ Back end development
+ Full-stack development



“The Art of Saying “No:” 10 Tips for Positive Push-Back,” Praxent Blog, September, 2017 https://praxent.com/blog/the-art-of-saying-no-10-tips-for-positive-push-back

“MEAN vs. LAMP stack: Which one is better?,” Praxent Blog, December, 2016 https://praxent.com/blog/mean-stack-vs-lamp-stack-one-better

“Understanding DevOps before choosing a software developer,” Praxent Blog, December, 2016 https://praxent.com/blog/understanding-devops-choosing-software-developer

“How much does custom software cost?,” Praxent Blog, December, 2016 https://praxent.com/blog/much-custom-software-cost

“Agile software development: a process that puts you in command,” Praxent Blog, November, 2016 https://praxent.com/blog/agile-software-development-process-puts-command


DevOps, SysOps, change-management, client relationship management, agile development, software development mentoring, product team leadership, product development, front end development, back end development, full-stack development

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