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Sudheer Kaavil Valappil

Category of Expertise:

Business & Finance, Business Performance, Communication, Personal/Business Coaching, Public Relations


Mindful Solutions

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Business Executive and coach for small and medium businesses with a global reach. Two decades of experience in Fortune 500 companies, working across a broad spectrum of leadership roles and based in nine different cities around the world. Key focus is on sharing big business best practices with small business owners for rapid scaling of profitability.

Focused on helping reduce the Small and Medium sized businesses, and helping them to achieve a quantum leap by a 2x growth in a matter of months. Focused on building high quality content to be delivered free to business owners, and get them to utlise free online resources as an expert. In select cases with aggressive growth plans, Consulting and Leadership Coaching services offered including limited pro bono assignments.


small and medium business, SMB, business owners, business failures, business coaching, leadership coaching, exponential growth,

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