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Stephanie Lincoln

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Business & Finance, Health & Fitness, Medical/Health professional, Mental Health/Psychology, Personal/Business Coaching


Fire Team Whiskey

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Stephanie Lincoln is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Certified Personal and Group Fitness Trainer and Army Veteran. Stephanie has a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology and Specializes in Eating Psychology. Stephanie spent 10 years in the Army National Guard and worked in various capacities for the Military for another 10 years after completing her military service. Stephanie continues her dedication to our Nation’s Armed Forces with her buisness, Fire Team Whiskey. Stephanie created Fire Team Whiskey in hopes to aid our Nation’s Veterans, Military Members and First Responders in battling the enemy of obesity and obesity related health issues. Stephanie has been featured in numerous fitness, health and lifestyle publications such as MyFitness Pal and Women Fitness Magazine. Stephanie is leading the front bringing attention to the obesity problem within the ranks of our Nation’s Heroes. As an experienced entrepreneur, Stephanie also provides buisness coaching services and automated systems solutions to other Veteran buisness owners and entrepreneurs in the health and fitness space.


fitness, nutrition, veterans, first responders, military, health, entrepreneur

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