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Mike Powell

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Design, Design/Architect, Development, Science, Technology


Red Flag Home Inspection

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Michael Powell, P.E. holds a registered professional engineer in Florida, Texas, and North Carolina. He has professional experience including over 20 years of investigating the cause and origin of failure for homeowners, insurance companies, and attorneys. He is a court-approved testifying expert with approximately 60 depositions/trial appearances (as of 2021). He has conducted property investigations on residential and commercial/industrial structures, including building subsidence assessments, roof damage assessments, moisture intrusion, flooring damage assessments (tile, wood, etc.), pool failures, and storm-related damage. He has evaluated the plumbing systems (supply and waste) for breaches and adequacy of installation and designed remedial efforts required. His professional skills also include geotechnical investigations of residential, municipal, and commercial environments, and structural analysis.
He has prepared calculations for structural, and geotechnical analysis and design, prepared construction plans, technical specifications and bid documents, inspected the shop fabrication, and the field construction of structural concrete and steel components. He has performed structural assessments of distressed and damaged buildings, evaluated and analyzed building failures, evaluated and analyzed plumbing failures and associated repair scopes, and provided consultations to attorneys, and contractors.
Mr. Powell is a state-certified Mold Inspector as well as a Remediator, in which indoor air quality issues are assessed for potential contamination in residences, commercial buildings, and other facilities. Mr. Powell has prepared construction plans, technical specifications, and bid documents, as well as provided engineering consultations and deposition testimony to attorneys.


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