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Peter Turla

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The TimeMan

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When Peter Turla says, "Time management is not rocket science,"he knows what he is talking about.

He was a rocket designer on the original NASA team that designed the highly successful Saturn 5 Rocket that put a man on the moon. While with NASA, Peter helped design many of the critical elements used in the propulsion system of the Saturn 5 moon-rocket. He also developed and applied innovative time-management techniques to solve problems dealing with fast-changing priorities, frequent interruptions, stress, and tight deadlines.
Former rocket scientist Peter "The Time Man" Turla will show you how to: meet tight deadlines; get and stay organized; de-clutter your life; finish your to-do list every day; deal with multiple and conflicting priorities; handle unexpected job emergencies; improve your work life balance; avoid time crunches; manage chaos; and salvage hectic days.


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