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Jacqueline Marcell

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Authors, Health & Fitness, Medical/Health professional, Mental Health/Psychology


Author 'Elder Rage', International Speaker, Radio Host 'Coping with Caregiving'

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I barely survived the most horrific year of my life as the sole caregiver to my challenging elderly father and sweet but ailing mother, both with Alzheimers which went undiagnosed for over a year. But after fighting through an unsympathetic medical system and depleting my parents life savings and most of my own, with sheer determination I solved the endless crisis medically and behaviorally.


Shocked by what I had endured so needlessly compelled me to give up my (by then stalled) career as a television executive to become an advocate for eldercare awareness and reform. Passion to save others from a similar experience (especially from getting so frustrated they commit elder abuse) somehow resulted in my first book, written with humor to make a tough subject palatable, Elder Rage, or Take My Father, Please! How to Survive Caring for Aging Parents. I also launched the Coping With Caregiving radio show to help caregivers and in 8+ years have interviewed over 1500 healthcare professionals. MEDIA includes: TODAY, CNN, PBS Documentary, Womans Day, AARP Bulletin cover story and hundreds of radio/TV interviews. I am on the Board of Directors of the FAIR Foundation advocating fair allocations in research funds from Congress & NIH, and have delivered over 200 presentations including to the California Governor Conference, National Security Agency, and Florida House of Representatives.

MOTIVATIONAL PRESENTATIONS (numerous topics available)

My presentations feature creative solutions within a triumph over adversity message, and are easily modified to the focus of an event and adjustable to any audience (CEU/CME for all kinds of healthcare professionals). I also help employers reduce absenteeism and increase productivity by educating employees with: Managing Family, Career, Elderly Parents and YOU!And since I was a college professor in my first life, I keep an audience edu-tained with poignant and LOL anecdotes amid interesting key points. I also speak about surviving invasive breast cancer, sharing insights from both sides of the caregiving aisle. I stress the importance of closely monitoring our own health, promoting the value of gratitude and humor and never giving up! FEE: Please call to discuss the details of your event so I can then quote a fee (949) 975-1012.

REFERENCES (200+ available)

Jacqueline, you really connected with hundreds of professionals (CEUs Nurses, Assisted Living & Nursing Home Administrators, Social Workers, Counselors) and families, seniors and those with disabilities. Comments: Jacqueline is a wonderful, thought provoking speaker; She made a tough situation into one you can handle! Your inspirational presentations helped make our conference a big success—thank you‼
—Mary Jo Hannasch, Northern Plains Conference on Aging and Disability, Fargo, North Dakota

Jacqueline, thank you for your superb presentation to our dementia specialists, senior neurologists, neuropsychologists, scientists, nurses, students, and caregivers who came specifically to hear you. Your ability to combine humor, insight, wisdom and meaningful guidance to all involved in the care for those with dementia was sensational. Each gained useful tips and tools that will enrich our professional practices and personal experiences.
—R. Stern, Ph.D., Alzheimer's Disease Clinical and Research Program, Boston University School of Medicine

ELDER RAGE is a Book-of-the-Month Club selection (a first for caregiving) receiving 299 five-star Amazon reviews and being considered for a film. Over 50 endorsements include Hugh Downs, Regis Philbin, Leeza Gibbons, John Hopkins Memory Clinic and Harvard Medical School. The addendum by renowned dementia specialist, Rodman Shankle, MS MD (former Medical Director UCI Alzheimers Center), makes it also valuable for healthcare professionals and required text at numerous universities for courses in geriatric assessment and management.

MY MISSIONS ARE TO: Help improve eldercare laws; encourage long-term care planning; show healthcare professi


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