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Nicki Donley

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Cool Conduct

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Hello from Nicki Donley, creator of 2 great products for busy families.

The first is the family reference book, Cool Conduct 100 Ways To Make A Positive Impression . As a mother of 8 year old triplet girls, my goals as a parent and an author are to help children feel confident in social situations. Cool Conduct encourages role playing, creative thinking, and provides opportunities in which children learn to be responsible participants in school, at home and in their communities.

The second is Move Over Cards or MOC's. MOC's are post consumer paper gift enclosure tags that elegantly convey a gift is from "me" to "you". Regardless of the economy, birthday parties, baby showers and gift giving occasions will always happen, but moms do not need to spend $4.00 or more to convey who the gift is from ever again.
MOC's saves consumers time and money. Our products made from recycled paper and we use no wasteful envelopes. MOC's uniquely packaged 6 pack enclosure sets provide organization and save time. Forget the last minute $4.00 card purchases.

Thank you

Nicki Donley
Cool Conduct


children, books, conduct, manners

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