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Chase LeBlanc LeBlanc

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Authors, Book Writing & Publishing , Business Performance


High Impact Hospitality

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Chase LeBlanc
Hospitality Management Performance Coach
CEO at Leadagers LLC
Hospitality Management Expert
Hospitality Operations Consultant
Experienced Entrepreneur
Author and World Class Mentor
Nightclub & Tavern Impresario

Specialties:Upgrading the Purpose, Performance or Profits of Hospitality Business Ventures

“Chase LeBlanc is a veteran of the restaurant management industry and really knows what he’s talking about. His expert advice will kick start your journey toward improving your value as a manager. High Impact Hospitality is a fresh and enjoyable read.”

- Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One Minute Manager® and
Leading at a Higher Level

"This book presents real world lessons, real world experiences, and a real world attitude about the restaurant business that should save many managers and manager-wannabees decades in on-the-job education. A wide-ranging view of the restaurant industry and what it takes to succeed in its most critical link: manager. From there Mr. LeBlanc teaches what separates an everyday manager from a leader, and how to achieve the coveted role of leadager. High-Impact Hospitality will shorten your learning curve, lessen your pain, and propel you into a high-impact career in one of the most rewarding and demanding industries possible: the restaurant industry."

Lane Cardwell, President P.F. Chang's


hospitality management performance

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