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Carl David

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David David Gallery

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I am first and foremost an art dealer (3rd generation in our 4th generation family owned and operated Fine Art Gallery; David David Gallery, Philadelphia). This is not just a profession but a life style as it is a full on passion.

I am also a writer. My latest book, "Bader Field; How my Family Survived Suicide" (Nightengale Press, 2008) is the story of our family's struggle to survive after my older brother at age 22 took his life. I was just sixteen years old. The effects on myself and my family were horrific, beyond description. As a father now, I have a completely different perspective. Please visit my website for an extensive overview of the book. www.carledavid.com . This is a journey of love, forgiveness and acceptance.

In as much as teen suicides are now so ever present in the news, it is time for my book to hit its mark and wake these kids up to the horror this violent act leaves on their families. Suicide is no joke and should not be taken lightly, or worse yet, dismissed or ignored. It is one of the leading killers of children today and knows no boundaries; not age, gender, race, nationality or season. Children of celebrities who end their lives have been in the news recently. Movie stars, sports figures, and regular folk too. No one is exempt.

The only way to halt its insidious existence is through massive exposure. Teenagers are most impressionable and reading about this nightmarish act might just save someone's life. It is a selfish act and perhaps knowing how it traumatizes the survivors, might give pause and cause such a distressed kid to seek help and realize that they are loved and that there is a better way to confront their problems, whatever they may be. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. More than a million people take their lives every year and that number is growing ever larger.

Now is the time to go very public with this issue and come out fighting so that lives can be saved. I would be very grateful for the opportunity to discuss the devastation this violent act leaves in its wake. I am on a mission to save lives....even one.

I am too a musician and have written about 10 ballads in my studio at home. Music is an escape for me; have been involved with it since I was a kid. I had two rock groups in my late teens, played guitar, piano, electric piano & vocals and am now back to the keyboard as I compose and record. Two of my songs are actually available for listening on my website www.carledavid.com

Photography is also a serious passion. I do all of the image work for the gallery and have hundreds of art images with a Stockhouse, although my personal bent is for nature and atmospheric subject. Many of my images are hosted on Webshots (www.webshots.com)

I am last but certainly not least very passionate about healing; especially animals and am involved with energy work in my quest to "pay it forward." Over the last ten years, I have laid hands on many dogs as well as horses and birds and have been a conduit for healing energy. Alternative healing methods have become an integral part of my life.


suicide survival, writing, fine art, healing, animals, spirituality

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