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Robert Comradd Sr.

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Book Writing & Publishing


Comradd Company

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Robert was born in Sicily Island, Louisiana on January 7, 1958. Even at the tender age of 10, Robert had seen a lot in his young life.
After viewing Dr. Martin Luther King’s funeral broadcast on television, Robert knew right then that he wanted to be a public servant. He and his sister integrated the lower elementary school in Ferriday, Louisiana.
Robert's mother was active in the civil rights movement and encouraged him to stand for justice.
Eventually, Robert joined the military and fought in the Gulf War. After leaving the military, Robert found it difficult to find a job even with all of his experience. It was then that Robert decided to define his own destiny. Robert earned a degree in electronics and landed a job working as a maintenance man at a department store. Read how Corporate America, after many years of service, pushed Robert out of the system. Read how he bounced back by starting his own business and has now written his second book. The stories in this book will encourage and inspire you to go after your dream.



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