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Herman Johnson

Bachelor of Arts: Psychology Bachelor of Arts: Sociology Minor: Philosophy/Religion Institution: Jamestown College, Jamestown, North Dakota Ordained Minister World Christianship Ministries - Fresno, California Certified: Advanced Hypnotherapy Techniques American Pacific University - K...

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CerebralSports LLC

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12/03/2010 08:35pm
Trail Blazer's Greg Oden's Injuries

Contact: Herman Johnson

CerebralSports LLC

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Camas, WA 98607

Phone 503-880-7846

Fax 360-834-5565
CerebralSports LLC

Press Release

Trail Blazer’s Greg Oden’s Injuries, Mind or Matter?

Can Injuries be Conjured up?

Camas, WA, December 17, 2010: “Absolutely”, says Herman Johnson, President of CerebralSports LLC, who uses a mind/body approach to assist people in overcoming physical
and mental limitations. “Over the 35 years that I have worked as an athletic coach,personal trainer and hypnotherapist, I have proven to my clients, as well as to myself, that what you have going on in your mind, consciously or unconsciously, has a profound effect on
what materializes for you physically”. “Otherwise, how can you explain the total recovery of an athlete, who develops a serious calf-strain, yet completely corrects the problem, by using non-conventional methods of treatment, such as; Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) , Guided Imagery, Thought Field Therapy (TFT) and Body Talk, while never actually touching the client?”

John Canzano, a local Radio Talk Show Host, recently mentioned that he’s been getting requests and suggestions from “all sorts of healers magic potion practitioners, and energy workers”, about how they can help the Greg Oden situation. He exclaimed, “the Trail Blazer’s

have the best facilities, they have the best doctors, the best trainers, who get paid extremely well, these are all professionals, and yet they can't fix the problem! They even have a sport psychologist!” I find these statements to be a reflection of the limiting beliefs that the majority
f people have about ‘alternative’ treatment options.

In the Text, The Foundations of Sport and Exercise Psychology, it states that there are a variety of causes for injuries which include physical factors such as; muscle imbalances, high speed collisions, over training, and physical fatigue. Psychological factors may also play a
role; personality factors, stress levels, and certain predisposing attitudes have all been identified, as psychological antecedents to athletic and physical activity injuries. “In fact in a recent study, reported by Smith, Ptacek, & Patterson in 2000, states that up to 18% of the
time lost due to injury, was explained by psychosocial factors.”

So, in essence, I believe, as well as others, injuries can be conjured up by the mind, and psychological factors do play a contributing role in the development and rehabilitation of an injury.

Therefore, I think Mr. Canzano, as well as others, should consider expanding their minds, to
embrace the idea and efficacy of using alternative treatments to deal with the psychological
components of injury, rehabilitation, and getting an athlete back to a fully functioning body.

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