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Karon Gibson RN M

Registered Nurse, Author, Businesswoman, Talk show host

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12/25/2010 04:37pm
Hair Analysis for Good Health

Hair analysis is a non invasive test to determine your vitamin deficits and toxic excess...These problems can lead to sysmptoms including sensitive hearing, leg cramps, britle nails, dry skin and other syndromes.
Taking a multivitamin can hurt you if you take too much of something that creates a toxic effect: example: copper can cause irritability; mercury can cause memory loss; aluminum from your deodorant can cause other problems. Our website: Americantvproductions.com that will link you to AmericaNurse (spelled with one N) will give you access to forms and articles explaining the advantage of taking a small amount of hair from the rear of your scalp by cutting it at the root (only a total of a teaspoon is needed-a little from each of 3 places) and sending it in to the lab for a full report on your cell information. This may be better than a blood test because that only shows one moment in time....this is like solid waste from your cells. The report will also tell you what to eat or not ear... Easy to do for kids with behavior problems, menopausal women etc. They also give you vitamin ingestion inforamtion.


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