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Tina Brooks

To be organized means to enjoy life. When you know where your child’s homework is you can focus on sending them off to school with a hug and a smile. If your daughter knows where to put her shoes as soon as she comes home from school you won’t spend the next morning running around franticall...

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Methods Organizing

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12/30/2010 02:47am
Methods Organizing SoCal Stuffed Animal Drive

Methods Organizing in association with Stuffed Animals for Emergencies (S.A.F.E.) and Disposal Alternatives is proud to host a “Get Organized” Month San Fernando Valley Stuffed Animal Drive
January 10th through 30th, 2011

Bring all your stuffed animals whether they are new, like new,gently used or loved beyond all repair. All animals in good condition will be distributed through Stuffed Animals for Emergencies (S.A.F.E.) to Police, Fire & Rescue, Ambula...nce Services, Children’s Services, Hospitals, Life Flight, and other emergency organizations. These emergency organizations use the stuffed animals to ease the children’s nerves and calm their fears. Any animals that are beyond repair will be recycled by Disposal Alternatives and used as either insulation or to make blankets for children in need.

Methods Organizing is a Southern California Professional Organizing service specializing in working with families. Whether it’s a playroom gone crazy, a kitchen that no longer functions, or a family room in great need of decluttering Methods can help. January is Get Organized Month so why not start by clearing out some of those stuffed animals. It’s hard to find organizations that will accept stuffed animals. By donating to us you will be assured that your stuffed animals will either be passed on to children in need or recycled responsibly so as not to end up in a landfill.

For further information please visit http://www.methodsorganizing.com


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