Pitchrate | Hip Hop Artist Feature Selected as Finalist for Los Angeles Music Video Festival

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Alessandra Alma

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01/13/2011 05:18am
Hip Hop Artist Feature Selected as Finalist for Los Angeles Music Video Festival

ew York, NY -January 13, 2011 The music video, “We Want It” by New York based hip hop artist Feature, was selected as finalist for the First Annual Los Angeles Music Video Festival. Winners will be selected at the festival on January 23rd at the Downtown Independent Theater in Los Angeles. Filmed in New York City, the video portrays the lives of three struggling artists. “We Want It” is one of the original singles off the mix tape “The Trailer” which was released in August 2010. “We Want It” recently won best video at the 2010 Silver Sound Music Festival in New York. The video can be seen on www.thefeatureprez.com or on www.youtube.com/thefeatureprez

About Feature

Feature, short for The Feature Presentation, is a promising up and coming artist hailing from the streets of New York City. Representing The Bronx with deep roots in Washington Heights, Feature’s music is the perfect blend of hardcore 90′s New York rap and new age swagger, popular in today’s rap music. In August 2010, he released his mix tape “”The Trailer”” which demonstrates his lyrical prowess and versatility. www.thefeatureprez.com

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