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Bruce Cadle

Bruce Cadle is passionate about cooking and his weekly Date Nights with Valerie, his wife of thirty-five years. Together they present a seminar, Recipe For a Great Marriage. Bruce writes a Date Night recipe column for Space Coast Living Magazine and is author of the best selling cookbook, Party For...

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02/17/2011 07:10pm
New Cookbook Offers The Recipe For a Great Marriage

Party For Two – Fun, Fancy & Easy Romantic Recipes from The Date Night Chef contains something not usually found in a cookbook. In addition to delicious recipes, Party For Two has what author Bruce Cadle believes is the recipe for a great marriage – a weekly Date Night.

Cadle explains, “We all remember how exciting dating was before marriage. All our attention was focused on that special someone. We couldn’t wait to see them, be with them, talk with them. We looked forward to Date Night all week long. Then comes marriage and we stop dating and then wonder why the romance fades.”

Cadle and his wife Valerie have a romantic Date Night dinner every week. “We’ve been married 35 years and Date Night is still our favorite night of the week”, said Cadle. “My goal for Party For Two is to help more couples establish a weekly Date Night and restore the romance in their marriage.”

The criteria for Cadle’s Date Night recipes is they have to be fun, fancy and easy to prepare. “Our Date Night dinners are just as fancy as a fine dining restaurant, but can be easily prepared by anyone regardless of their cooking ability” said Cadle.

Party For Two was released on Amazon February 1st and made Amazon’s Best Selling Cookbook list, Hot New Release list and Most Gifted list.
Bruce is frequently asked to speak on marriage, cooking, relationships.
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Bruce Cadle


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