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Grover Rutter CPA, ABV, CVA, BVAL, CBI

Grover "Grove" is a CPA who specializes in the valuation and sale of businesses with revenues ranging from $1 million to $50 Million. Grove is one of the few CPAs in the country who is also Accredited in Business Valuation, a Certified Valuation Analyst, a Business Valuator Accredited in Litiga...

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Grover Rutter Mergers, Acquisitions & Valuations

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02/21/2011 10:22pm
Business Owner Burn Out: Time to Sell Your Business?

Business Owner Burnout is the most common reason for business owners to sell their businesses. Most owners do not have their businesses ready to sell when burnout has finally taken its toll. Learn how to avoid loosing a fortune from the burnout factor.

Your business is like a wheelbarrow: If you want it to go somewhere, you have to pick it up and push. But it takes energy to push a business. Physical, emotional and economic energy may be in short supply when they are needed most. What can be done to ensure an adequate supply of these essentials when they are most needed? Knowledge and a plan.

Do you have a plan to successfully exit your business? If not, you should. In fact, your business might be one of the most valuable assets you own. Have you documented the value of your business? Do you know the value of your business? If you were to sell today--would you get what you want--or need in order to carry on with your life?

If you are like most business owners, your business is not prepared for sale. That means that your business is not as valuable as it should be. In fact, you could probably be earning 10% to 20% more from operating your business if you just knew how...

These are just a few of the important issues discussed in the newly released business guide entitled: "Your Business IS Your Goldmine!" by Grover Rutter CPA/ABV, CVA, BVAL and an Empire Certified Business Broker.

Mr. Rutter has worked with business owners for more than 30 years. He has observed what many business owners have done right, and what they have done wrong. With over 30 years of observations, his guide was written especially for business owners who want to increase the value of their business while earning more and enjoying life more. It is Mr. Rutter's hope that readers of the guide will learn how to improve and protect the values of their businesses.

Your Business IS Your Goldmine! is currently available for $25.99 at http://www.Lulu.com/businessadvisor, http://www.Amazon.com and http://www.Barnes&Noble.com


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