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Michelle Stewart

Michelle J. Stewart is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian and better known as The Nutrition Planner. Founder of Michelle Stewart Consulting & Associates who has been leading the way to a healthier you for more than 25 years. She is zealous when it comes to wellness from the inside out and empowerin...

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01/17/2015 01:35am
Waist-Watching? Add Soup, Whole Grains and Citrus

As we start the New Year, I've had a ton of questions from my clients focusing on their interest in giving a jumpstart to their healthy lifestyle goals. I've had questions on the Green cleanse, shapely shakes, citrus cleanse, green tea diet, food lovers cleanse, and more. My response to those inquiries is consistent with my mantra-"for better health all things in moderation; there is not one food that is all good or all bad for you."
Now there are some food choices that can aid you in moving forward on the path to a healthier you. Take soup for instance-research published in the Journal Appetite showed that people who started lunch with vegetable soup ended up eating 20 percent less than those who skipped the soup. Now the key to adding soup to your meal plan is to choose one that is broth-based, is low energy density which provides fewer calories per gram than other foods, and contains low to moderate amounts of sodium. Soup contributes to a feeling of fullness or satiety so by starting a meal with soup, it can prevent you from overeating.
Whole grain foods are also excellent choices for the healthy lifestyle. They are higher in fiber and high fiber intake can be helpful in weight management and weight loss. Whole grains have been around, but the "on-trend" group in the whole grain family falls under the moniker of ancient grains. These are grains such as s farro, quinoa and sorghum, to name a few.
Farro is often labeled the "mother of all wheat species." The grain is highly regarded in Italy and fast becoming one of the popular grains on the on-trend list in this country. Whole grain farro is high in fiber, protein, vitamin B3 and zinc. It is low in gluten.
Quinoa is technically a gluten-free seed, however in cooking it is used as a grain. It is high in protein, iron and fiber.
Sorghum is a substitute for wheat, is gluten-free and also high in protein, iron and fiber as well as a rich source of antioxidants.
Citrus fruits are also good options to include as you make steps to improve your well-being. These fruits have high fiber, high water content and fewer calories per gram. These attributes will give you a greater feeling of fullness, helping to suppress your appetite. Research indicates that eating a half grapefruit before meals can promote weight loss. In addition to waist-trimming qualities, grapefruit contains immune-boosting vitamins A and C and antioxidants. However if you are taking prescription medication, make sure you check with your health care professional before making grapefruit part of your daily meal plan.
These food tips can help you tip the scale to your benefit. Include soup, whole grains, and citrus fruits along with green leafy vegetables, lean meats such as fish, turkey or chicken, low fat dairy products and plenty of water in your daily meal plan. These food choices will allow you to eat moderate amounts, and enjoy a treat here and there as you continue toward the well-being lifestyle.
Take Away: You can enjoy a variety of foods eaten in moderation; add 30 minutes of physical activity and you'll have a head start toward your goals.

Michelle J. Stewart MPH, RDLD/N, CDE is an experienced food and nutrition communication expert specializing in wellness with a holistic approach to living your best life. Michelle has been leading the way to a healthier you for more than 25 years. She is zealous when it comes to wellness from the inside out and empowering whomever she comes in contact with to take charge of their health and wellbeing. Her motto is "EAT LESS MOVE MORE" Sign up for her Free Report 10 Weight Loss Tips for Life when you visit http://thenutritionplanner.com


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