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Therese Pope

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02/22/2011 02:57pm
How to Syndicate Blogs with Social Media Tools

Bloggers spend hours re-designing your blog, but that's all they did. They leave their blog sitting in the cyber ethers, and forgot to do anything else with their blog. That's the biggest mistake bloggers make. No one on the Internet will know they exist if they don't actually market their blogs.

With the many social media plug-ins out there, it is very easy to syndicate blogs. The following social media tools are efficient and cost-effective ways to market blogs.

HootSuite is a web-based social networking application that brings together content from various online sources. Access and manage Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many other accounts in one location. Users have the option of manually updating them all at once, or setting up auto-updates for social media accounts.

RSS Graffiti is the easiest way to update Facebook pages. It takes blog post titles, a small sample, and an image from the post and updates the page's status.

TwitterFeed is one of the most effective way to syndicate blogs. It updates Twitter and Facebook, and integrates hash tags, keywords and URL shortening services.

Keep in mind that while these are helpful tools for auto-syndication, it is not a good idea to solely rely on them to promote blogs. Automated updates, coupled with personalized updates and comments (mention posts on other blogs, forums, LinkedIn, etc.), are effective channels to create buzz around blogs. Good content is the winning strategy for blogs - create impactful posts that keeps readers coming back for more.


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