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Kudzai Pasirayi

Debut author, Kudzai Pasirayi is passionate about writing. She is believes that writing is an art of thinking.At just the age of 20, she is an author of numerous of personal growth articles on platforms like Ezine Articles. A new book has been released called What life Teaches Us by Kudzai Pasirayi ...

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03/25/2015 10:42am
Confessions of A Young Author

I have always loved to write from an early age; it always been art. Some people become writers as a source of income. Some write to seek fame and fortune. While the rest focus on writing fiction books with great story characters. Anyone can agree with me that we live in a world filled up with places and stories that enrich life every single day. It is the main reason, I became so passionate about writing. My goal as I started to write was to inspire people who going through tough times in life.
From the age of 15, I learnt that an individual is the maker of his or her own destiny. You have to find the spark within you and choose to do something with your life.I believe, we will experience difficulties at a certain point in what we do. This will only strengthen you to do better as you further yourself in life.
My dream to write started to become real as I decided to share some of the life lessons that helped me to bounce back to being the great person I am today. I would share on my thoughts on certain social networking sites and read quotes from motivational speakers. It got me to create a blog that reflected the journey a person makes to become successful or happy. The feedback that I received got me to improve in my writing. Also, it has enabled me to see greater opportunities ahead of me..
Now, I realize that people do not just that read quotes from blogs or buy books to become professional. Actually, they read to become more effective in their personal lives. Whether that is being a better mother to a child or pursuing happiness in relationships. We all need inspiration at some point in life, which will help us to get right up when we have fallen.
Writing is a way of relieving my mind from worries about life. My greatest wish is to see more young people use their gifts to change the world. It is never to late to inspire someone to purse their goals. The more we share our passion and thoughts about life, the better the world is.
The gift to write is truly a blessing; it brings me to a place of peace and joy. I continue to write more articles in the hope of inspiring people. Motivation is surely a drug that we can`t resist to share. Resist the urge to procrastinate and follow your dreams.


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