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Kwaku Abedi

I am young 20 something blogger/teacher born and raised in Ghana. I blog on travel,entrepreneurship and an interest in the technology and luxury goods market on the African continent. I believe as Africans we have not told our stories enough. I will use this platform to tell the the African story to...

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07/09/2015 12:17am
Show Me Your Work

I am internet addict no doubt, i love information and i always want to be a step ahead of the pack when it comes to knowing the latest news, trends and what have you. I have always felt that 2 inventions in this life we're living have revolutionized the way we live and those 2 things are the aeroplane and the internet. But the latter i'm more in awe off. Since i discovered the internet, its been my go-to place for all the information i need. Its been my teacher, my counselor, my comedian etc. I seriously refuse to imagine what the world will look like without the internet. Heck! you're reading this article because it's online. The internet has connected me to people all over the world. I get to share, create and take part in a global conversation on a global scale. when the world wide web started, i bet a lot of people didn't pereceive it could one day be a money making venture. As someone who makes a lot of noise about entrepreneurship and being your own boss, i'm always excited to know about the jobs the internet has created and how you can make money doing something you love without leaving your house. Indeed 15 years ago i don't think there were job titles such as Social media marketer. Meanwhile, jobs such as web developing/designing, web content development and bloggers have sprung up all over the place. The internet is being infiltrated with so much information you need SEO experts to help make your content unto the network stand out. I read about a young 18 year old lady yesterday and as part of her job description was written 'internet celebrity' which really amused me. Its quite interesting to note how celebrities can be made out of a network we all contribute behind our computers and smartphones. The internet has given people from all walks of life a chance to show their work, to actually show a global audience what they can do if given a platform. This global network has produced bloggers whose dedicated followers surpass that of news websites to youtube stars who have gradually curated a following through viral videos.
So it got me thinking, if internet celebrities exist now, it wouldn't be long till i hear job description such as internet agent, internet lawyer, publicist and any other person with a job description a celebrity might need.The internet allows you to present what you can do for the world in a unique way. It helps everybody show what they're capable of to a global audience. I highly encourage you to show your work and whatever you're capable of doing to the world. Certain writers, artists, musicians and entertainers have made it and are very successful because they dared to show their talents to the world out there.The internet will give you the exposure that you need which will give you that book deal, movie role or record deal you've always dreamed of. Putting yourself out there is great torture but its a risk you have to take to achieve the success you truly desire. If failure is what you're afraid of, i guarantee you're better off failing on a public and global stage than not do anything at all. Failing on a 'large scale' gives you a little bit of confidence to try again this time more knowledgeable than before. Every day a thousand and one blogs are created, some make it big and majority fail. I personally think the blogs that failed are not the ones which had not-so-great content but those that gave up because the felt they couldnt compete or work their way to the top, Because the truth is no matter how good a blogs content is, it takes time and effort for the big websites and bloggers to recognize new blogs and start linking to them. The age of internet entrepreneurship is very ripe and there is something for everyone. In a time where data uploaded unto the internet is hitting record speeds, overnight success can happen but consistency, a deep desire to improve your craft and perseverance can help you win. I'm online now, please show me your work.


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