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Neil Williams

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02/22/2011 09:41pm
The Problem With Career Women and Dating

One of the biggest trends with dating and relationships today is the large numbers of professionals who are single. More specifically, career women. This post is dedicated to them. Professional women seem to bring an interesting dynamic to the dating concept. Women today are managers in large organizations and many of them run their own successful businesses. That is great. However, professional women seem to have one major flaw that seems to limit their possibilities and guarantee failure when it comes to dating and relationships

A lot of career women today have a lot of masculine energy. That’s right, they act a lot like men. This stems from the fact that a lot of women go into a date or relationship bringing their career dust with them. What do I mean by this? When you are working, you are working. When you are on a date or in a relationship, there has to be a different mindset. Unfortunately, a lot women want to plan the date, dominate the conversation, bust men’s balls, or just talk about business. Any real man is going to be turned off by this behavior. Ladies, we want women. Despite all your successes and achievements, you have to remember that you are still a woman. Be sexy but respectable. Talk more about you and not your business or company. Laugh and have a fun demeanor. Meet the man of your dreams. Career men and women, talk to me. Leave comments.


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