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Teresa S Swafford

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10/23/2015 12:50am
PDF is the New Word

Ever realized how difficult life would have been without Word, PowerPoint, Excel or even PDF? We have forgotten the old ways to write with pen and paper. With everybody growing tech savvy, the demand for using Word, PowerPoint and Excel has risen to a tremendous height. Moreover, the introduction of PDF has topped it all as you can send the files without any font or alignment issue.

However, what if you have sent a PDF file to your boss for final check where he further has to send it to the client. It would really be difficult for your boss to explain each point for any amendments. To avoid this situation, the geeks and the technology experts have introduced a PDF Markup where you can literally view the documents and edit it with markups. The application is extremely interesting as the boss can make all the changes with highlights in different colors and share it with you. This can ease your process of processing the points he would have mentioned for amendments.

How easy the day to day chores of business and work has become with the introduction of such new technologies. Though we entirely rely on such innovations and curse ourselves to not be able to use brains, we actually make every minute productive and effective in some way.

With such interesting discoveries, we have realized that the actual functioning of our body is traditional. The only difference is technology as paper is replaced by iPad or digital document apps such as PDF Markup and pen is swapped with our fingertips. The invention of PDF Markup has actually made us realize that no matter what innovations come next we would still like to work on the given sheet or document directly instead of writing long emails or attaching amendment list.


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