Pitchrate | 5 Guilt-Free Holiday Eating Strategies - And a Yummy Recipe

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Lorraine Matthews-Antosiewicz

Lorraine Matthews-Antosiewicz, MS RD, is a healthy eating coach and nutrition expert specializing in weight management. She is committed to helping people achieve optimal health and lasting weight loss - without all the craziness of dieting. Learn how you can cut back on sugar, feel better, and star...

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11/12/2015 06:02pm
5 Guilt-Free Holiday Eating Strategies - And a Yummy Recipe

Are you tired of feeling guilty for indulging in your favorite holiday foods? It's time for a change. This holiday season, eat the food you want (guilt-free); and do it without packing on the pounds. That's right! With a few simple painless changes, you can enjoy yourself minus the guilt and weight gain.
Use these 5 strategies to eat your way to 2016 - feeling good and not a pound heavier.
Wear something tight. Wearing snug clothing or a secure belt around your waist is a great reminder that you don't want to overdo it. It may sound simple, but stopping when you're full is extremely hard to do when everyone around you reaching for seconds. Having that slight constriction on your belly will provide you with a gentle reminder that you've had enough to eat and it's time to push away from the table.
Eat before the feast. Take the edge off your hunger by eating a snack or mini-meal earlier in the day. Have something with lots of fiber such as a bowl of oatmeal, an apple with peanut butter, a cup of hearty soup, or a salad topped with beans. This will curb your appetite so you won't dive head first into the hors d'oeuvres and stuff yourself at dinner.
Don't eat with your hands. When you're at a holiday party or traditional family gathering, pass on the appetizers and save your calories for the meal. It's that simple! If it doesn't require a knife and a fork to eat, skip it. Set this as a ground rule for yourself and you'll end up eating less.
Only eat what's really special. Don't eat it just because it's there. Get your calories from your favorites, not the food you can have every day. Limit yourself to two items at a time rather than filling your plate with a serving of everything. It's hard to stop eating when there's a pile of food on your plate. Apply this strategy to the main meal as well as dessert.
Skip the post-dinner grazing. This is a big one, so plan for it in advance of the party or holiday meal. Bypass the late-night turkey sandwich and nibble on some cut-up veggies or an apple if you are truly hungry.
The holiday season is a particularly tricky minefield of eating options. By setting your own ground rules, you can navigate your way from Thanksgiving to New Year's Day with amazing success. Don't let mindless eating get in the way. Take charge of your choices this year!
Check out this recipe for Harvest Salad. It's sure to be a hit on your holiday table. Happy Thanksgiving!
Lorraine Matthews-Antosiewicz, MS RD, is a food and nutrition expert specializing in weight management and digestive health. She is committed to empowering people through education, support, and inspiration to make real changes that lead to optimal health and lasting weight loss. Take her Free Self-Assessment and learn how you can lose 20 lb. - or more. Jump Start your weight loss today! http://njnutritionist.com/freeassessment. This article was originally published at http://njnutritionist.com/5-guilt-free-holiday-eating-strategies-and-a-yummy-recipe and has been syndicated with permission.


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