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02/03/2016 06:04am
What is Medical Spa?

Over the recent years, you see a network of medical spas growing globally. You must have often realized the need to visit one of them and get treated.

The Meaning of Medical Spa
Medical Spa has recently gained immense popularity with both the genders, men and women. They are also known as med spas or medi-spas. It is more than a regular facial treatment and less than a hardcore doctor visit. Thus, the medical spa treatment is supposed to beautifully blend in the relaxation that you get after a perfect spa treatment offered by the hands of expert doctors only.

More than a Regular Spa
One of the basic differences that you would find between the regular spas and medical spa is there is proper medication performed with the expertise of proficient doctors or under their supervision by plastic surgeons or dermatologists in medical spa. Moreover, each of its treatment must be affiliated to a medical clinic. Therefore, you need to check on the affiliation and the expertise of the doctors that will be treating you.

Treatments at Medical Spa
There are a number of treatments offered by Medical Spa such as Botox treatment, Laser Scan Revision, NanoLaserPeel, HydraFacial Treatment, Laser Hair Removal, Laser Resurfacing, Dermal Fillers and BroadBand Light Therapy (BBL/IPL). These treatments are typically performed by surgeons, doctors, estheticians, physicians or dermatologists.

With perfect research, search for a clinic that has a good background in treating patients with excellent results. Visit the clinic, meet the doctor and ask him or her each question that crosses your mind. Also, you must research well about the techniques that will be carried for your treatment on the body. The before and after surgery FAQs need to be answered before undergoing any treatment.


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