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Neon Williams

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05/16/2016 06:01am
Mobile Marketing In India Is Bound To See Downward Spiral In Growth - Gear Up Or Alternative Mobile

The surge in startup in recent years and unprecedented surge in funding in Mobile centric product or application or service triggered Mobile Marketing segment. Now a day's Mobile Marketing companies are higher than the startup's in India. The surge in International Mobile Application companies vying to acquire more Indian user with an opinion that Indian Mobile Segment is going to see revolution in the said segment due to explosion in Smartphone adoption and growing Mobile Internet Userbase. The launch of 4G services by some of the incumbent Mobile operator whereas the expectation of higher mobile data usage post Reliance Jio 4Grollout; many entrepreneurs entered into Mobile Advertisement business including ADSCOOPER ( disruptive mobile advertisement company).
The flood of companies poured in Millions of $ which they received from their investor to acquire user to start generating revenue. In order to show the higher growth to competitors as well as well educated investor, they went for incent campaign where the user quality is really low as those users fall in a category which do not have balance. The Google play number went up for such companies but RoI went into negative and they started incurring heavy losses. At the same time, some of the smarter companies went for Non Incent campaign to get the quality user with higher retention % so that they recover cost through advertisement as well as few transactions to achieve positive RoI to justify their investment in Mobile marketing and gain further investment from the investor.
Many Mobile marketing did many tricks and twist to mint money and at the end started feeling the pain as investment flow to startup companies started drying out. Mobile marketing segment is entering into phase of transformation where retention and viability of user will dominate. Basis numerous discussion with many Mobile advertisement companies, I got the confidence that no one thinking out of the box and just following one another action. In my point of view the blind game will be over by Sept-Dec quarter in India. ADSCOOPER came out of alternative Mobile Marketing Mechanism named that "TrakTarget" and the platform is so seamless that end user is not getting bothered by endless banner push to notification and others.
It's advisable to all the partner as well as competitor's to think disruptive which fulfill end user privacy and at the same time give us enough visibility about the user which in-turn help us acquire user easily with mind blowing return from the user.
This artilce is written by: Devendra Prasad


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